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Ch. Tashi Bodjul H'Aran Horpa

In spite of I am very young, I was already in a lot of shows. I like shows, because I can meet my brothers and sister and a lot of other friends there.

First I was in the show only to see how it looks like there. It was the International Dog Show in Ceske Budejovice 29.04.2001. My mummy Villi has won title BOB there, which means, how she has explained me, the most beautiful dog of breed. I am very proud of her and I hope to go in her footsteps.

You can see my mother Villi in the middle, on the left is my sister Hinayana and on the right me.

My show successes:

  Club Winner Show TTC Sobeslav 23.06.01 - very promising
  Memorial of Eva Maternova - Tibetan Breeds Special Show Mlada Boleslav 29.09.01 - Excellent 1, Primus Junior, Youth Winner, Best Junior Male in Show
      - Best group after parent (it stands to reason, that I myself cannot win this competition, but with my mummy Villi, my brother Tashi and my sister Hina)
  International Show Ceske Budejovice 14.10.01 - Excellent 1, CAJC

KV Soběslav 2001
This is me in the show ring in Sobeslav.

aranek6.jpg (22544 bytes)
Me in the Junior Class in Nitra.

  Int. Show Trencin 26.01.02 - Excellent 1, CAJC
  Nat. Show Nitra 17.03.02 - Excellent 1, CAJC
  Int. Show Litomerice 26.05.02 - Excellent 1, CAC
  Nat. Show Raciborz 02.06.02 - Excellent 1, CWC
  Int. Show Praha 09.06.02 - Excellent 1, CAC
  Int. Show Krakow 29.06.02 - Excellent 1, CWC, res.CACIB (CACIB male is Int.Ch., I have CACIB)
  Int. Show Brno 30.06.02 - Excellent 1, CAC, res.CACIB (also)
  Nat. Show Mlada Boleslav 28.07.02 - Excellent 1, CAC
  Int. Show Bratislava 24.08.02 - Excellent 1, CAC, res.CACIB - hurrah, I am Slovak Junior Champion
  Int. Show Bratislava 25.08.02 - Excellent 1, CAC
  Int. Show Mlada Boleslav 08.09.02 - Excellent 1, CAC, res.CACIB (I have also CACIB)
  Nat. Show Brno 22.09.02 - Excellent 1, CAC, National Winner, BOB
  Special TT Show Praha 05.10.02 - Excellent 2, res.CAC
  Int. Show Ceske Budejovice 13.10.02 - Excellent 1, CAC
  Int. Show Nitra 03.11.02 - Excellent 1, CAC, CACIB
  Club Winner Show Nitra 03.11.02 - Excellent 1, CAC, Club Winner SKCHTaF
  Nat. Show Nowa Ruda 07.12.02 - Excellent 1, CWC, Best male, BOB - juchuu, Polish Champion

In Club Winner Show in Sobeslav 2001 I have met my three brothers and my sister.
From the left: me - Aran, my brothers Tashi, Senge and Chany, my sister Hina:
KV Soběslav 2001