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Ch. Tashi Bodjul H'Aran Horpa

My parents in Olomouc 8.10.2000

Chandu was a guest by our friends in Czech kennel Sengge in Olomouc for eight months. Now there lives my brother Chany. 

  My father Dschowo's Chandu was born in Switzerland and lives in Germany in well-known kennel "von Nama-schu" of Mrs. Anke Peine. Chandu is not only handsome, but above all he has very nice character. That is why he has taken my mummy's fancy at first sight.

Dschowo's Chandu

Ch. Thu-Sangs Amhir Aladin x Ch. Ski-La-Kyi Paani

German Champion, German Junior Champion, KTR-Klubjegendsieger, Vice-Europa Winner 2000, TTC-Club Champion, CACIB, CAC, CACA

Dschowo's Chandu

  My mummy Amox Sissybar, called Villi, cames from Finland and now lives by Eva Pravdova in Lodherov (kennel Tashi Bodjul), about 20 km from us. Therefore I can often come to see my mummy Villi. Villi is also very beautiful and lovely.

Amox Sissybar

Ch. Karamain La Fontaine x Ch. Amox Delicious Shag

Interchampion, Czech, Austrian, Slovak, Polish Champion, Champion of Champions 1999, TTC-Club Champion, 4 x Club Winner, 3 x Top TT of the Year, 21 x CACIB, BIG, BIS

Amox Sissybar